Founded by Maarten Smeets in 2023, a passionate artist and technologist, Fantasy Forge combines the worlds of art and technology to produce truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

I mainly utilize Stable Diffusion, an artificial intelligence model, to produce digital art that showcase a wide variety of styles and subject matter, all while maintaining a commitment to fast turnaround times. Stable Diffusion alone is often not enough to create customized works. In addition I usually use tools like GIMP to do manual editing.

What does creating AI artwork entail?

In order to use an AI model efficiently, knowledge of the various settings of the model is required to get the results you desire. Also, since I use Stable Diffusion locally, I need to know how to set this up and tweak it to make efficient use of available hardware.

Creating art by using AI generally entails, among other things;

  • Designing a suitable positive and negative prompt to create a base image. Most base images are not directly suitable and contain many AI artifacts such as malformed hands
  • Use inpainting to improve specific parts of the image. This can mean changing a background, changing clothes and even adding or removing limbs or accessories.
  • Generate variations of generated images or parts and cherry pick the best
  • Use traditional image editing tools to combine the best parts of generated images or to create sketches.
  • Use upscaling to increase the resolution of the end result

What can I do for you?

Create art

You can contact me for creating digital art of characters, creatures, wallpapers, landscapes or anything else which comes to mind. Usually first I need to know what it is you want. To get an idea, it helps to have some base material which can be used for inspiration or an indication of the desired style. I can also start without and work based on a description. In this case I will generate base images and we can talk about the good parts and the bad parts of the generated images. Once I have a good enough idea, I can start to combine and refine the image. It helps to have one or more feedback talks to talk about the intermediary results so they can be made more specific.

I’m mainly specialized in using AI to generate images. My drawing skills outside of the digital world and using other means then AI, are limited. AI models have limitations and thus there are things I cannot create. I will of course communicate early and clearly about this, should this occur.

Edit photos

Do you have digital pictures which contain unwanted elements like photobombs or cut-off areas? Using AI I can remove or add elements to existing photos. A lot is possible!


If you are interested to learn what image or text generation tools can do for you, you can get in touch for advice, presentations or help with the implementation.

What I won’t do


I currently also work at AMIS which focuses on Internet of Things, Data- and Integration Engineering, Data driven applications and Data Platforms. To prevent conflicts of interest, Fantasy Forge will not offer products or services similar to those of AMIS and will not conduct business with customers and suppliers of AMIS.

Job content

I will not accept jobs to intentionally create or disseminate images that create hostile or alienating environments for people. This includes creating images that people would foreseeably find disturbing, distressing, or offensive; or content that propagates historical or current stereotypes. I will also not create content that is cruel to individuals.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Generating demeaning, dehumanizing, or otherwise harmful representations of people or their environments, cultures, religions, etc.
  • Intentionally promoting or propagating discriminatory content or harmful stereotypes.
  • Impersonating individuals without their consent.
  • Sexual content without consent of the people who might see it.
  • Mis- and disinformation
  • Representations of egregious violence and gore
  • Sharing of copyrighted or licensed material in violation of its terms of use.
  • Sharing content that is an alteration of copyrighted or licensed material in violation of its terms of use.